Regional Culture of the Bronze Age from Hunan

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ALONG THE YANGZI RIVER - Regional Culture of the Bronze Age from Hunan
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The middle Yangzi river valley is one of the significant cradles of Chinese civilization and an important locus for the study of bronze culture as it developed during the Shang and Zhou dynasties (16th-3rd century BCE). This region has been the source of some exquisite and unusual bronze vessels. Several important excavations in the past few decades have illuminated some little known aspects of a southern Bronze Age culture which flourished at a seminal time in Chinese history. This exhibition and catalogue introduce audiences to recent discoveries and reflect on long-known bronzes in the light of new research. The fascinating story of this regional culture is revealed in three ways through the local technical and artistic developments in Hunan bronzes, their function and patronage, and their cultural and geographic connections to the Central Plain in northern China. Culled from the collection the Hunan Provincial Museum, the intricately designed and magnificent bronze vessels and musical instruments in this exhibition will make their American debut as a group. They serve as the basis for an exploration of a regional bronze culture centered around the separate waterways of Hunan, in particular the Xiang River, that eventually flow into the Yangzi. Highlights include the only extant bronze ding to feature the depiction of a human face, several nao musical instruments that are unique and specific to the region, and a playful elephant shaped zun used to store wine. By drawing from finds in the Hunan region, the contributors to this catalogue explore the complex cultural crosscurrents that have contributed to its vital creative output.