The Penny Bank Book - with Price Guide

Collecting Still Banks

The Penny Bank Book - with Price Guide
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The Penny Bank Book
181 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover
31 x 24 cm
1,162 kg

A classic treasury, this book has more than 1,670 still banks beautifully presented in color and many more black and white illustrations. Focusing on American and English banks, there are many lovely examples of still banks from other countries as well, all rated in terms of their scarcity. Pages from manufacturer's catalogues are reproduced, and the text relates the histories of the manufacturers, specific details about the banks, and information for collectors about clubs and publications where more information can be obtained. The Moores also include a series of conversion tables which correlate the numbering system used in his book with that of all the other major works on still banks. The Penny Bank Book makes its predecessors obsolete. No enthusiast should be without this entertaining, magnificently organized masterwork.