Bookends - Objects of Art and Fashion with price guide

Bookends - Objects of Art and Fashion with price guide
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Bookends: Objects of Art and Fashion
160 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm
1,110 kg

Over 350 vivid color photos and engaging text reveal that bookends have been a medium of art from the turn of the twentieth century to today. The photos illustrate 350 pairs of bookends from principal art styles, and the research places them in historical context. Accompanying the photos are identification of the production date, the foundry, sculptor, art style, commentary, and values. The bookends presented have documented American art fashions for the past one hundred years. This novel guide also organizes bookends by art style and historical period, rather than subject matter, which gives the reader new insight into the evolution of bookends in a dynamic culture. Readers will come to regard bookends as works of art and will be knowledgeable about their rightful place in the art world.