A History of Girls' Comics

A History of Girls' Comics
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A History of Girls' Comics
218 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
25 x 18 cm
0,738 kg

Susan Brewer taps into the nostalgic women s market for comics from their childhood Jackie, Girl s Own, Bunty etc, from the early days in Victorian England to teen mags and TV-related comics, including Teletubbies and CBeebies. The book will also cover partworks such as the highly collectable Vicky and other collectables, including annuals, covermounts and giveaways and toys and games tie-ins, including board games. Both collectables and nostalgic, this will appeal to the late twenty-fifties market the Golden Age of Comics date from the 1950-70s and, whilst there has been plenty on boy s comics with their superheroes and action men, the girls market has been surprisingly neglected but is highly collectables. Susan Brewer is an expert in toys and children s collectables.