Railway Posters

Railway Posters
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Railway Posters
183 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
32 x 25 cm
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Railway Posters is the story of train travel through the posters of American and European railway companies. The inventive graphics created by the poster artists convey the excitement and nostalgia that accompany today's perceptions of train travel; taking the reader on a journey from their first experience of trains as miniature sets in their family home to the necessity of train travel in their adult life.

Features posters by artists including Cassandre, Alesi, Dorival, Otto Ernst, Fix-Masseau, Villemot and Zenobel.

Railways in the Nineteenth Century: The Construction of Lines and Networks in Europe and the USA
1900-1920 The Apogee: The Train as a Factor of Development
1919-1929 The Period of Consolidation: Happy Journeys!
1920-1945 The Difficult Years: Necessary Restructuring and Evolution
1950-2005 The Renaissance of Rail: Reconstruction and Modernisation of the European Networks