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Trams - An Illustrated Anthology

Trams - An Illustrated Anthology

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Trams - An Illustrated Anthology

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Trams - An Illustrated Anthology
256 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
1,303 kg

Evocative, entertaining, nostalgic and informative; Trams is a fascinating anthology of some of the best stories and descriptive articles written about a vehicle that was once queen of the road. The book covers many aspects of the tramcar, in the days of horse, steam, cable and electric power. Stories range from amusing incidents to childhood recollections and from trams that put out to sea to those that were bombed in the Blitz. Including extracts by well known writers (such as Arnold Bennett, D.H. Lawrence and L.A.G. Strong), entertainers (such as Jimmy Saville), poets, journalists, tramway employees, passengers and enthusiasts, this book presents a comprehensive and multi-faceted view of the tramways. With the addition of more than 200 photographs, most in colour, Trams: An Illustrated Anthology shows there is much more to trams than wood and steel.