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Promo Pack - 6 Books - Vintage Toys

Promo Pack - 6 Books - Vintage Toys

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Promo Pack - 6 Books - Vintage Toys


Book 1

Code 5250
Robots - Spaceships and other Tin Toys
352 pages
Color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
22,50 x 16 cm
1,118 kg
English, French & German

This book will be of special interest to anyone fascinated by early space travel and technology, those who simply want to wax nostalgic about a bygone era of their youth, and of course to collectors and fans of 50s and 60s tin toys. The roots of today's toys can be seen in these precursors, notably in the early transformer robots. Taken from collector Teruhisa Kitahara's vast collection, which is on display in many museums in Japan, the tin toys featured here are quite rare and give a wonderful overview of this era in the history of toys. A must for any toy lover!

Book 2

Code 6309
So Crazy Japanese Toys
132 pages
color photos
Soft cover
27 x 21 cm
0,644 kg

When huge alien spiders or ocean-dwelling mutant dinosaurs hell-bent on destruction decide to pay a visit to humankind, they always seem to stop in Japan first. So Crazy Japanese Toys! showcases a cast of totally cool, totally sugoi creatures culled from the most popular Japanese children's TV shows. From early and obscure Japanese shows to programs that have gained mass popularity around the world-including Ultraman, Space Giants, and Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot-So Crazy Japanese Toys! will delight both casual fans and hardcore aficionados. Readers will encounter rubber-clad superheroes galore, kawaii 'n' cuddly characters, high-revving motor heroes, and of course rockin' chicks of both the friend and foe varieties. This book is a must-have for anyone attracted to anime and manga. This isn't mere eye candy-it's a gobstopper.

Book 3

Code 6564
Farm Toys - Identification & Price Guide
464 pages
b&w and some color photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
1,118 kg

More than 5,200 photographs assist in the identification of rare farm toys, variations, pedal tractors, and more.
Contributions from farm toy collecting pioneers Bob Zarse and Eldon Trumm are joined by the expertise of Kate Bossen, who updated listings and pricing information. Numerous photographs feature the collection of the National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville, Iowa. With more than 6,700 listings and 21,000 up-to-date values, this book is essential for all farm toy collectors.

Book 4

Code 7612
Buriki : Japanese Tin Toys from the Golden Age of the American Automobile
95 pages
color photos
Soft cover
21 x 25 cm
0,462 kg

Tin toys have been made in Japan for more than 100 years, but during World War II their production-and international sales-ended. Almost as soon as the war was over, ingenious manufacturers began to make model Jeeps out of recycled food cans. With the resumption of international trade in 1948, exports of more sophisticated metal toys soared. At the same time, the postwar boom in the United States led to an increasingly automobile-based society-the perfect inspiration for Japan's gifted toy designers. As leading marques competed to market ever more seductively styled autos to U.S. consumers, Japanese toy manufacturers followed styling trends closely, retooling often to create miniature versions of the latest models; airplanes, spaceships, and other vehicles were also popular.

The Tanaka collection is a treasure-trove of more than 500 immaculate model vehicles, enthusiastically collected over the last 50 years. Buriki offers a lively tour of its highlights, evoking the heady, expansive spirit of the 1950s in both the U.S. and Japan. Its 60 cars, along with prime examples of other modes of transportation, will delight young and old with the quality of their detailing and bright color schemes.

Book 5

Code 7613
MADELMAN : The History of the Famous Spanish Articulated Figure
111 pages
color photos
Soft cover
24 x 20 cm
0,401 kg

Madelman manufactured articulated figures from 1968 to 1983. They were made in Spain and exported to countries including Germany, France, United Kingdom and Italy. They were also manufactured in a Mexican affiliate company. Each figure was 17cm high (scale 1: 11) and they had an enormous following, so much so that today there are many thousands of avid collectors, with each figure becoming a highly prized piece. This book illustrates, in full color, the collection of Pedro Andrea. This collection is so complete that, at the same time, it is also a complete record of the MADELMAN production. Each figure, costume and accessory has been meticulously photographed and is accompanied by a full description and explanatory text to assist the reader in obtaining a complete overview of the collection.

Book 6

Code 8095
British Toy Boats 1920 onwards - A pictorial tribute
143 pages
color and some b&w photos
Soft cover
25 x 25 cm
0,681 kg

A concise yet comprehensive record of products of the major manufacturers of British waterborne toy boats from 1920 onwards, featuring detailed images, plus a listing and description of all models made. Also includes a fascinating look at many of the smaller, lesser known manufacturers.

* Boats powered by steam, rubber band, clockwork, batteries and sails
* Boats of every kind, including submarines
* Over 350 images, mostly in colour