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Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola

Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola

Signs, Trays, Ads, Bottles, Cans, Glasses, Mirrors, Coolers, Clocks, Toys, Lighters .....

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Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola

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Pocket Guide to Coco-Cola
217 pages
color photos
Soft cover
21,50 x 14 cm
0,371 kg

B.J. Summers' Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola and Collector Books have another winner on their hands. Informing today's collector is easy with this book, arranged in easy-to-use chapters and full of professional quality photographs. It is a great carry-along size, just right for shows, flea markets, and yard sales. Prices in this book are keyed to show where they originated to help collectors stay current with the market. This guide has been a favorite with advanced collectors and beginners alike in the past, and is sure to again be in demand. It is a must-have for collectors. Share a Coke and a smile with B.J. Summers' Pocket Guide to Coca-Cola, 6th Edition!