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Pelham Puppets : A Collector's Guide

Pelham Puppets : A Collector's Guide

(String Puppets, Marionnettes)

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Pelham Puppets : A Collector's Guide

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Pelham Puppets : A Collector's Guide
224 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 20 cm
0,848 kg

"Pelham Puppets - A Collector's Guide" provides a comprehensive history of these fascinating puppets that have reflected society and social change through the latter part of the twentieth century. The Pelham Puppets company was formed to provide a vibrancy and colour that had long been lacking in the lives of children - and indeed adults. The puppets produced ranged from fairytale characters, such as kings, queens and wicked witches, through loveable animals such as Wags the dog and Muffin the mule. An absolute must for collectors, this book explains the development of the puppets and the different types and their related terminology. Enlivened by lavish colour photography throughout, together with contemporary illustrations, newsletters and other memorabilia, this book provides a fascinating insight into the world of Pelham Puppets.