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Opalescent Glass 7th edition - Price Guide

Opalescent Glass 7th edition - Price Guide

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Opalescent Glass 7th edition
237 pages
color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
1,054 kg

From its inception in the 1880s, opalescent glass has enjoyed a widely receptive audience, both in England, where it was introduced, and here in America, where a young but growing market was ready for any touch of brightness and beauty for the hearth and home. Today, thousand of collectors seek opalescent glass. In this new edition you'll find over 175 new and replacement photos as well as updated prices, information, and exciting new finds. Various makers from America, England, and throughout Europe are represented in this edition: Fenton, Northwood, Dugan, Hobbs Brockunier, Greener & Company, John Walsh Walsh, Phoenix Glass Company, Harrachs in the Czech Republic, and many more. Readers will especially enjoy What Collecting Is All About, where you can view group displays of various pieces from some of the best collections in the world. You'll find Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass, 7th Edition, to be a must-have for expanding your knowledge about this wonderful glass.