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Nineteenth Century Cameos

Nineteenth Century Cameos

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128 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 20 cm

Until now, there has been no book available which explains the characters and scenes depicted on nineteenth century cameos, inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. Michele Rowan, a long-established cameo dealer and collector, has produced a fascinating guide to help the reader identify these mythological subjects, and to explain their significance in Victorian times. The text is directly linked to the colour illustrations to aid recognition. Straightforward information is also provided on the materials and tools used by cameo-carvers, many of whom were Italians producing souvenirs for the tourist trade. Some of the most eminent gem-engravers signed their work and examples of their superb craftsmanship are illustrated and discussed. The detailed captions to most of the cameos shown include current values, and the author has also produced a useful guide for the collector on purchasing and caring for cameos and what to look for when starting a collection. Nineteenth Century Cameos is an invaluable reference book for collectors, dealers and anyone interested in the cameo as a beautiful piece of jewellery which has a story to tell.

* Practical and comprehensive guide to the mythological subjects of nineteenth century cameos
* Well-illustrated with specific examples to facilitate recognition
* Comprehensive price guide
* A cameo dealer's tips on which cameos to buy and which to avoid
* Uncomplicated guide to recognising various cameo materials