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Morris - The cars and the company

Morris - The cars and the company

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Morris - The cars and the company
287 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
29 x 24 cm
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William Morris was Britain s most prominent industrialist of the inter-war years. At one stage his famous Bullnose Morris, made in his ever-expanding works in the Oxford suburb of Cowley, took 41 per cent of the British market a figure no other domestic manufacturer has ever achieved. The first Morris car was built in 1913 and the last in 1984. The story of the rise and fall of the business is a fascinating one, encompassing two world wars, commercial success at home and embarrassing failure abroad, and countless models that found a special place in the heart of the British motorist. This book examines anew the career of the modest but dynamic Morris and tells in detail the story of all the cars carrying his name. William Morris from Oxford bicycle-maker and garage-owner to millionaire philanthropist. Bullnose and Flatnose foundations of an industrial empire. The ill-fated attempt to produce cars in France. Over-reach and recovery during the 1930s, culminating in the creation of the Nuffield Organisation. Britain s best-seller: the famous Morris Eight. Morris in the Second World War glory and controversy. Post-war reconstruction and the much-loved Morris Minor. The merger with Austin and the rise and fall of BMC. Bitter end or a new beginning? Cowley from British Leyland to BMW. Includes coverage of unique variants of Morris cars from around the world, from Australia to India. Sections on related Wolseley and MG models, and on Morris/Nuffield taxis, tractors and industrial/marine engines. The legacy of Morris: what is left today?