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Morgans to 1997: - A Collector's Guide

Morgans to 1997: - A Collector's Guide

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Morgans to 1997: - A Collector's Guide
128 pages
b&w photos
Soft cover
18 x 24 cm
0,333 kg

One of the UK's most experienced and respected motoring writers traces the products of this most British of car manufacturers, from the pioneering three-wheelers of more than a century ago through to the first 62 years of four-wheeled car production. "Morgans To 1997" is a comprehensive guide to a range of cars that have commanded a fanatical following and led to the creation of a vast collection of flourishing owners' clubs throughout the world. After a review of four decades of three-wheeler production, the author traces and describes the four-wheelers from the original 4/4 through the Plus 4 to the blistering Plus 8 in their different body styles, and takes the reader into the Morgan factory for a rare insight into the traditional production techniques still adopted in the manufacture of these hand-built cars. Technical specifications and performance figures add to the reference value of this attractively priced volume.