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Microcars at Large!

Microcars at Large!

Isetta, Heinkel Trojan, Scootacar, Peel, Bond, Reliant, Messerschmitt, Goggomobil, Nobel, Berkeley

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Microcars at Large!
111 pages
color photos
Soft cover
25 x 21 cm
0,484 kg

This book celebrates an exciting period in motoring history. In the period following the Second World War, materials were in short supply and many people couldn't afford a proper car. Economies were struggling and several motor manufacturers turned their hand to building basic transportation for motorists. These little cars were noisy, often crude and not over-reliable but provided transport for thousands of impoverished motorists. Due to their shape, many of these vehicles earned the nickname 'bubblecar' and ensured a place in people's hearts. The role they played has crucial role in motoring history. They have overcome design challenges and many have reached iconic status. Discover the spherical Isetta and the wedge shaped Bond Bug. As prized collectors items, some microcars now enjoy cult status. Full of original color illustrations, this volume charts the history and development of bubblecars and microcars from the middle of the twentieth century to the present day. This is a lavishly illustrated guide to the weird and wonderful world of microcars from the basic bubblecars of the 1950s to the sophisticated models of today.