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Louis Comfort Tiffany

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Treasures from the Driehaus Collection

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Louis Comfort Tiffany - Treasures from the Driehaus Collection
191 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
30 x 23 cm
1,258 kg

A seminal artist of the Gilded Age, Louis Comfort Tiffany is the best known and most widely collected figure in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American decorative arts. The splendid objects from the Driehaus Collection, installed as the inaugural exhibition of the Richard H. Driehaus Museum, showcase a wide variety of Tiffany's work in an architectural setting of the period.

Newly commissioned photographs by John Faier highlight the subtle detail and rich coloring of each object, revealing why Tiffany is so revered as a designer. Essays by Richard H. Driehaus and David A. Hanks explore the collector's vision and Tiffany Studios's largely unknown legacy in Chicago.

Vividly colored, enriched with ornament, and boldly scaled, the book provides an intimate look into the artistry and craftsmanship of Tiffany, and is a unique opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike to experience the objects as never before seen.