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Kerosene Lamps 1884 -1940

Kerosene Lamps 1884 -1940

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Kerosene Lamps 1884 -1940
448 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
1,878 kg

Center-draft Kerosene Lamps, 1884 1940, identifies over 165 brands of lamps and their manufacturers. The leaders, such as Bradley & Hubbard, Edward Miller, and Plume & Atwood, major manufacturers during the 1890s, are familiar names to collectors. However, Chicago Lamp, Craighead & Kintz, Hipwell Mfg., Meriden Bronze, Meyrose, Shaffer Lamp, and St. Louis Electric Co. also were important manufacturers of center-draft lamps found by collectors today. The book gives brief histories of 50 American companies, lists selected patents, and pictures representative lamps. Some 150 companies are linked in the book, beginning the exploration of the kerosene era of open-flame, center-draft lamps.