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German Handguns

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German Handguns
319 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 20 cm
1,048 kg

Germany has been a foremost producer of top quality, prestigious handguns for more than a century. Designed with flair and built with precision, and unmatched technical acumen, German handguns have long since earned themselves a formidable reputation throughout the world. Two world wars added to that reputation, as did continued and consistent production in the post-war period. Ian Hogg examines the full range of handguns produced in Germany from such classics as the Luger M1908, Mauser HsC and Walther PPK, to more unusual types such as the Reichsrevolver M1879 and the Dreyse 9mm. He presents the key data (length, weight, muzzle velocity and rate of fire) for each weapon discussed and also gives its date of introduction and service record, evaluates and discusses peculiarities, and examines in detail particular strengths and weaknesses. Combining meticulous research with detailed statistical information, this is a unique reference book compiled by the foremost authority on the subject.