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Eshu - The Divine Trickster

Eshu - The Divine Trickster

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Eshu - The Divine Trickster

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Eshu - The Divine Trickster
306 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
30 x 26 cm
2,301 kg

The worship of the orisha (god) Eshu continues to this day across the Black Atlantic in Brazil and the Caribbean, and statues of him can also be found in towns and cities across the Americas. In Brazil, Eshu is a national icon: every carnival begins with an offering to him; shrines, sculptures and gifts can be found in many places including public parks, museums, on seashores, in the middle of supermarkets and at crossroads. On the other side of the southern Atlantic Ocean, Eshu has evolved in different ways; a Yoruba god has been refashioned in the pantheon of Haitian Vodou and in the Lucumi/Santeria traditions of Cuba. This is the first book to combine studies of Eshu, past and present, with a large number of vibrant and captivating illustrations of the spirit in his different guises.