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English Style and Decoration

English Style and Decoration

A Sourcebook of Original Designs

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English Style and Decoration - A Sourcebook of Original Designs
247 pages
b&w and color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 19 cm
1,107 kg

From about 1700, English design, craftsmanship, and production techniques inspired admiration and imitation throughout the Western world. The designers of the period and their associated manufacturers created a legacy almost unmatched in the history of the decorative arts.

Drawing upon an impressive array of sources, English Style and Decoration offers a cornucopia of design riches. Alongside the work of famous and familiar taste-makers such as Chippendale and Wedgwood, this sumptuous, profusely illustrated reference book also contains hundreds of original designs developed in workshops and factories throughout England. Lavishly illustrated, it presents original sketches and printed patterns for furniture, textiles, flooring, wallpaper, glass, ceramics, and household utensils, from doorknobs to tableware to light fittings.

This unrivaled resource, now republished in a compact format, will provide a wealth of ideas and inspiration for designers, restorers, and interior decorators. 600+ designs and patterns in color and black-and-white.