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Disney Collectibles - Field Guide

Disney Collectibles - Field Guide

Everything from Mickey Mouse banks & Snow White Figurines to Donald Duck toys & rare comic books

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Disney Collectibles - Field Guide
512 pages
color photos
Soft cover
13 x 10,50 cm
0,424 kg

Offers fans of Disney a comprehensive guide for a great price -Easily introduces novice collectors to the diversity of Disney collectibles -Disney items draw big attention at auction: a Mickey Mouse Rambling Mickey Celluloid Wind-Up Toy sold for $4,427.50 Mickey Mouse and the gang are the darlings of the collectibles world, boasting an extensive variety of collectible products. Collectors of vintage and modern Disney items will discover this colorful and innovative guide to Disneyana allows readers to: -Learn more about the world of The House the Mouse built through interesting historical notes -Access 500+ color photos for identifying and assessing their own collectibles -Check prices and descriptions anywhere collectibles are -- conventions, toy stores, even the attic of a childhood home -- with this very portable guide Mickey Mouse watches, Snow White figurines, Donald Duck lunchboxes, and rare Disney comic books are all in this one guide for collectors on the go!.