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Dansk Design
570 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 23 cm
2,262 kg

Dansk Design is a history book, a reference book and a snapshot of where Danish design is right now. To a great degree design is about the esthetical, about beauty. But when you look closely at the individual examples, it almost always turns out that also other considerations lie behind their appearance. Design is very rarely only a beautiful surface or an attractive form. A few of the interesting questions which arise when you look more closely at design are: Why do things look the way they do? What has determined the form of a certain everyday article? And how did the designer come to this result? Often design is about finding solutions to users and manufacturers problems and thereby developing a better product. In other words, with this book I have wanted to introduce the readers to what you could call the designer s point of view .This book is an attempt to describe Danish design in its entirety. That is why, on the one hand, the book goes so far back in time as possible in order to describe design in Denmark. On the other hand, as many design areas as possible are included from the ships of the Viking Age and the painted coats of arms of the Middle Ages and the classic furniture of the early 20th century to fashion in the beginning of this millennium. The purpose has been to describe a long Danish tradition in the fields of innovation and good design.