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Cycling... The art of Collectibles

Cycling... The art of Collectibles

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Artikelcode: 5154


95 pages
many color photos
Soft cover
26,50 x 21 cm

Much more than a simple means of transportation, the bicycle brings to mind many happy memories of childhood, vacations and sports endeavors.Its look and functioning have evoled since the first models - the draisene and the velocipede - to the "modern" bicycle wich first appeared in the 1890s. Since then, the bicycle has often been modified to meet specific needs: tricycles and trainer bikes for children, models adapted for women and racing versions. In response to the incredible success story of cycles, all types of objects have sprung up, revealing many facets of this sport and the deep feelings it inspires. Some are amusing while others are nostalgic: souvenirs of famous races and cyclists, games and toys, promotional items, magazines, sheet music and records...