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Curtains And Draperies : History, Design And Inspiration

Curtains And Draperies : History, Design And Inspiration

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Curtains And Draperies : History, Design And Inspiration
224 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 23 cm
1,275 kg

This definitive, lavishly illustrated volume charts the history and development of curtains and draperies from medieval times to the modern day, making it an essential source of reference and inspiration for researching and recreating period style window coverings or executing a modern interpretation of a classic design.

Every important periods and style is presented here: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Palladian, Rococo, Empire, Regency, Neoclassicism, Victorian, Edwardian, Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, English Country and more, covering the whole spectrum of British, American and Continental styles. For each major style, the key features are explained and the underlying influences analyzed, presenting in one comprehensive volume a complete look at the work of the world's leading architects and designers as well as a vivid picture of the lifestyles of each period.

Presented in irresistable and absorbing detail are wonderful embroidered hangings of Elizabethan beds, Louis XIV's magnificent Baroque furnishings for Versailles, the 'flying' canopy of hte 'lit a la duchesse' (angel bed), the first paired curtains, Chippendale's ingenious Rococo valances and swags, Napoleon's spectacular tented rooms, and many other examples of window coverings throughout the centuries. Following this survey, author Jenny Gibbs tackles the complex question of which treatments are best for each of the major types of window and gives valuable advice on how to scale down period treatment for modern homes.