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Crazy Design

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Crazy Design
186 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
21 x 21 cm
0,728 kg

Crazy Design showcases the work of our leading product designers, picking out the most inventive, contemporary and fun work around and presenting it in an accessible, engrossing guide.
Well-known designers, such as Marcel Wanders with his delicate, beautiful Crochet Chair, are included amidst exciting new figures; designers like João Sabino, creator of the Keyboard Bag, which breathes ingenious new life into the computer keyboard.
Each product is illustrated alongside a description that brings insight into the work, the creator and the story behind its design. From the functional to the inventive, the recycled to the dreamlike, Crazy Design features objects for all tastes and surrounds, whether ordinary or outlandish. Website listings guide you toward more information on the designers and their products.
The top hat light, the boat bathtub, the mutant vase, the knee mug... you'll wonder how you ever lived without this stuff!