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Completely Morgan - 4-Wheelers 1936 - 1968

Completely Morgan - 4-Wheelers 1936 - 1968

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Completely Morgan - 4-Wheelers 1936-68
272 pages
B&W and some color photos
Soft cover
25 x 21 cm
1,018 kg

For all owners - and would-be owners - of four-wheeled, four-cylinder Morgans, this invaluable book is packed with genuinely useful information.
A detailed look at the Morgan motor company's history opens the book, followed by the marque's motorsport record, and a thorough chronicle of the evolution of all four-cylinder models.
The book is also packed with invaluable advice on maintenance, repair and modification of these cars - practical information based on years of ownership and experience, and gleaned from a host of Morgan owners and specialists around the world. Guidance on restoration techniques with be useful for anyone considering a rebuild. Chapters are also given to the Morgan community, with information on clubs, organisations and specialists.

Period Covered : 1936-1968
Models covered : All four-wheeled, four-cylinder Morgans with Coventry Climax, Standard, Ford, and Triumph engines