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Collectible Toy Soldiers

Collectible Toy Soldiers

CBG-Mignot, Quiralu, Starlux ...

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Collectible Toy Soldiers

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Collectible Toy Soldiers
379 pages
color photos
Soft cover
14 x 14 cm
0,571 kg

Mustered together here are over 400 soldiers from the armies of Napoleon, King Arthur, the Kaiser, Grant and Lee: knights, grenadiers and lancers, cavalry officers and foot soldiers-all reporting for peacetime duty as collectible toy soldiers. These heroic metal men wear colorful uniforms from the Age of Chivalry to the world wars, on parade again, reporting in with a caption that places each of them as figures in history. The adult war gamer and collector alike will instantly recall being a powerful general commanding a childhood army of valiant model soldiers like these.