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Collectable Clocks 1840-1940 with price Guide

Collectable Clocks 1840-1940 with price Guide

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480 pages
b&w and some color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 21,50 cm

This third edition with updated prices is based on the Shentons' popular The Price Guide to Clocks 1840-1940 which was first published in 1977 and greatly enlarged in 1985, when the main text was completely updated and expanded to include the authors continuing research. Most books on clocks tend to deal mainly with the earlier types. or at least the high quality clocks made before the middle of the nineteenth century. Here is a book for those who enjoy clocks and are interested in the hundreds of varied types (many still dismissed by purists as having no horological interest) available at a low price to the collector who is prepared to learn what to look for. The Victorian inventiveness, the decorative types of the 1920s and technical clocks of the early part of the 20th century comprise areas about which little has ben written. The authors are keen horologists and well aware of the questions that need to be answered. What is quality? What should one look for? What date is this clock? Perhaps the most impressive feature of the book is the large amount of original research that has been undertaken. This unique work, with over 700 black and white and 34 colour illustrations is a 'must' for any collector of' nineteenth century clocks or any horological student interested in the later periods of clockmaking.

* Written by acknowledged experts in the fields of clock cases, horological history and clock movements respectively
* Examines the works and evolution in the thinking of the clockmakers
* Photographs provide an unrivalled catalogue of the work of the earler makers