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British Antique Furniture: price guide

British Antique Furniture: price guide

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432 pages
137 color + 1150 B&W photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
30 x 24 cm

For the past thirty years this book has, in its various editions, outsold all others on British antique furniture simply because it is unique in explaining what to look for when assessing the value of individual pieces. In this, the fifth edition, the huge financial importance of patination and colour has been explained and illustrated - something which has become increasingly important in recent years. This classic guide consists of some 1,200 photographs of furniture found in shops and auction rooms throughout the country with the author's down-to-earth comments on important features which affect individual prices. The reader will come to understand the rules and prejudices which apply while the eye will become aware of gradations of quality. He will come instinctively to assess the workmanship and how all this affects the final price tag. This is, above all, a reference book for the practising collector and dealer, a work from which the memory may be refreshed and points checked.