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Bernar Venet Furniture

Bernar Venet Furniture

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Bernar Venet Furniture

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Bernar Venet Furniture
125 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29,50 x 22 cm
1,022 kg
English and French/Francais

Internationally renowned artist Bernar Venet continues to challenge himself with a wholly original, fresh collection of furniture. Although designed to satisfy a non-artistic, purely domestic need, furniture fits naturally into the range of Venet's creative activities. Using a blow-torch to cut thick sheets of laminated, crude steel, he sets up a contrast between solidity and fragility, emphasizing rawness and indestructibility. Venet's furniture reflects the artistic vision he has developed throughout his ceuvre. He emphasizes functional simplicity and a plainness underpinned by notions of utilitarianism.