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Beading Basics

Beading Basics

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Beading Basics
128 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm
0,476 kg

If you've been tempted by the beauty of beaded jewelry and home decorating pieces, but second guessed your abilities to learn the skills needed to create such tantalizing works, fear no more! Beading Basics reveals all that's necessary for creating everything from a simple single-strand necklace to a more intricate netting stitch woven wind bottle covers.

You'll discover:
* Essential information for choosing the right beads, supplies and tools, plus tips and techniques for working with wire, weaving on a loom and creating various woven chains.
* Easy-to-follow instructions with more than 175 how-to illustrations and 230 beautiful photographs showing every detail needed to create 40 gorgeous projects.
* An inspirational gallery of designs featuring the works of 11 of today's top beading artists.