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Austin Healey 100-6 & 3000

Austin Healey 100-6 & 3000

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Austin Healey 100-6 & 3000
124 pages
b&w and some color photos
Soft cover
20 x 21 cm
0,430 kg

* Full detailed history of each marques rally career
* Full detailed story of concept, design, development
* Unrivalled coverage of people and influences behind the cars
* Step by step coverage of technical evolution
* Description of cars, why, how and when evolved
* Description of principal people (managers, drivers, engineers) involved
* Many many pictures, not only of cars in action, but of details and people
* Comparison with rivals
* Complete listing of important successes
* Complete listing of "works" xcars

In nine eventful years - 1957 to 1965 - the six-cylinder-engined Austin Healey evolved into a formidable and increasingly specialised rally car. By any standards, it was the first of the 'homologation specials' - a type made progressively stronger, faster, more versatile, and more suitable for the world's toughest international rallies. This is the story...