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Art Decoscapes The Art of Displaying Yesterday Today

Art Decoscapes The Art of Displaying Yesterday Today

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€ 45.50

Artikelcode: 6716


Art Decoscapes The Art of Displaying Yesterday Today
255 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 23 cm
1,600 kg

Whether you are a long time aficionado of Art Deco and 20th Century design or a novice collector, this book is a must for you. Its purpose is to explain how you can display and group items from your collection to their maximum visual advantage, regardless of whether that collection is large or small.
Groupings by manufacturer, material, color, or function are all illustrated with over 120 stunning full color photographs, each with accompanying diagram to explain the techniques used in their composition. Over 1000 individual pieces are shown and fully described, including circa dates and current market values. These include furniture, lighting, pottery, glass, and a wide variety of decorative accessories that bring the Art Deco décor to life.
The second half of the book provides a unique opportunity to go behind closed doors at the homes of private collectors and see how these display techniques have been used to incorporate Art Deco and 20th Century items into the interiors of today.