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Art-deco in Belgie Charles Catteau

Art-deco in Belgie Charles Catteau

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744 pages
850 color photos
Hard cover
31,50 x 25 cm

Without a doubt was Charles Catteau the most multi-talented ceramic artist of his generation. Designer, professor, chemist, artistic director...all those skills allowed him, between the two World Wars, to work for the Boch Frères Keramis, La Louvière and to elaborate, at first sight, an extravagant work.

Given the lack of a detailed inventory until now, many questions have remained unanswered.This reference book aims to define the nature, the quality and the extent of Charles Catteau's artistic legacy:

The diverse techniques
The forms and designs
The markes and signatures
The execution
The rarity
The Value
The restorastions
The forgeries



I A biographical sketch

II The atelier de Fantaisie

III The collections:
a) Quality
b) Restorations
c) Forgeries
d) Rarity
e) Value
f) Maintenance

IV The designs

V The tests

VI The ceramic objects
A) Earthenware
Aa) Painting under enamel
Ab) Crackled enamels
Ac) Monochrome realizations
Ad) Matt enamels
B Stoneware

VII Artists and marks
a) Designers and decorators
b) Engravers
c) Marks

VIII Chronological table of forms

IX Inventory of forms

X Chronological table of designs

XI The last witness

XII Inventory of designs
a) with design number
b) Without design number

XIII Sources

Indispensable tool for every Art-Deco admirer !!!