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Accueil     An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware
An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware

An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware

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An Illustrated Dictionary of Silverware
367 pages
b&w photos
Soft cover
25 x 17 cm
1,078 kg

Throughout history the attraction of owning silverware has been based both on its aesthetic qualities and on economic considerations: not only can silver be fashioned into an enormous variety of articles, but regardless of changes in taste and fashion silverware retains its intrinsic value as bullion. Articles made of silver may be treasured for their historical associations, as heirlooms, as the work of an eminent maker or designer, or in some cases simply as readily collectable articles that were formerly in everyday use. This dictionary is devoted to the silverware of Great Britain since around 1500 (including Ireland up to 1921) and North America from the Colonial era to the present. It is comprehensively illustrated and contains 2,373 entries, including definitions of types of article, specific named examples, styles, methods of fabrication and decoration, and biographical entries. Cross-references lead the reader to related topics, and bibliographical citations provide a guide for further reading on specific topics or important pieces.