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Accueil     Acoustic guitars illustrated encyclopedia
Acoustic guitars illustrated encyclopedia

Acoustic guitars illustrated encyclopedia

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Acoustic guitars illustrated encyclopedia
320 pages
Many color photos
Soft cover
32 x 25 cm
1,737 kg

Here are resonator guitars made since the 1920s by Dobro, National and others, often with highly decorated metal bodies; revered flat-tops from Martin, Taylor, Gobson and more; peculiarly shaped and oddly featured creations from many of the custom builders; early 20th century harp guitars with extra strings and extended bodies; creative archtops from D'Angelico, Epiphone, Benedetto and more; and plastic-equipped constructions from Ovation.This book contains a wealth of illustrative material: original ads from well-know and obscure guitar-makers alike; much colorful period memorabilia; and an astonishing libary of key players with their axes - inculding Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton playing Martins; The Everly Brthers, Sheryl Crow and The Beatles with their Gibsons; The Be Good Tanyas with an Epiphone; David Gray and his Lowden; Joan Baez with a Santa Cruz; Lyle Lovett playing his Collings; Mark Knopfler and that National; The Dixie Chicks, Blue and Suzanne Vega with their Taylors; Lucinda Williams and a Washburn; Django playing his Selmer and many more ...