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Abracadabra - Mexican Toys

Abracadabra - Mexican Toys

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Abracadabra - Mexican Toys

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Abracadabra - Mexican Toys
119 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
25 x 25 cm
0,609 kg

In Mexico toy-making continues to be one of the most fascinating of traditional arts. For those artisans who dedicate themselves to the creation of toys, work and play are a single process. In the colorful toys they produce, we see the fantasy, wit, and imagination of artists who play while they work. Abracadabra features over one hundred colorful toys made throughout Mexico, including carved and painted wooden figures, clay miniatures, pinwheels, rocking horses, and stick puppets. Among the materials used are recycled cardboard, chewing gum, tin and wire, tree bark, and mud.