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Accueil     A Collector's Guide to German Nazi Party Awards
A Collector's Guide to German Nazi Party Awards

A Collector's Guide to German Nazi Party Awards

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A Collector's Guide to German Nazi Party Awards
160 pages
color and b&w photos
Soft cover
21 x 15 cm
0,354 kg

Due to the fact that German military awards have spiraled in value in recent years, the Collector's Guide to German Nazi Party Awards 1919-1945 is a prime opportunity to tap in this international market and provide a useful and practical guide for collectors of such memorabilia. The book features 80-90 medals, fully illustrated from the author's extensive collection, including such medals like the Munich Putsch, Blood Order and the German Order which in current market conditions are expected to fetch over GBP20,000-GBP100,000 each. Unlike military medals within the Third Reich structure, the Nazi Party Awards were issued within the Nazi hierarchy as well as to foreigners; the Art and Science Award being deemed as the Nobel Prize, for example. The latter was encrusted in platinum and diamonds and only one copy is known to exist and was presented to the Third Reich's vice chancellor (the medal resides in Christopher Ailsby's collection). Introduction.

Chapter 1 Free Corp awards A Troubled Time
Chapter 2 Party awards Deutschland ErwacheA" The formative years
Chapter 3 SS awards The Pretorian Guard
Chapter 4 Hitler Youth awards Undermine the finance, control the youth, and rule the world
Chapter 5 Sports awards Through Sport we become prepared for war Chapter 6 Political Arts, Science and Economic awards Culture of the Third Reich