How to order?

1) Put the book in the shopping cart

2) Than click on "Shopping Cart"

3) Here you can change the amount and/or remove a book, if you order is complete click on "Order"

4) On this page you select your country and way of payment and click on "Next"

5) On this page you will see the total amount, if you desire, you can always go back to remove or to order an extra book.
Once the order is complete, please fill in your details and click than on "Next"

6) On this page you have an overview of:
Order/shippingway/way of payment and your details,
is everthing wright, please click on "Send Order".

7) You will receive an email from you order with the bank details(if you wish to pay with banktransfer), do you pay trough Paypal: than you will go directly to the Paypal site.