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Persian Ceramics : 9th - 14th Century

Persian Ceramics : 9th - 14th Century

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Persian Ceramics : 9th - 14th Century

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Persian Ceramics : 9th - 14th Century
183 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 25 cm
1,345 kg

In the complex and varied world of Islamic art ceramics play an important role. Medieval Persian ceramics, in particular, were extraordinary for their technical invention and imaginative, refined iconography achieving artistic results that would be difficult to surpass in the art of pottery. Compared with early Islamic art, works of art from medieval times make much greater use of figural decoration and forms. Alongside celebrated examples from some of the world's most prestigious museum collections, this volume includes a series of hitherto unseen works. The impressive and technically sophisticated pieces include plates, bowls, ewers, jugs, jars, beakers, and spouted and shaped vessels. The book provides an exhaustive panorama of Persian ceramics, striking a perfect balance between technical, stylistic, and aesthetic analysis, which brings the reader closer to this art of exceptional quality and beauty.