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Toy Forts & Castles

Toy Forts & Castles

European-Made Toys of the 19th & 20th Centuries

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Toy Forts & Castles

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Toy Forts & Castles - European-Made Toys of the 19th & 20th Centuries
344 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
22 x 29 cm
1,999 kg

Contained within this authoritative text is the exciting history of the manufacture of toy forts and castles in western Europe throughout the turbulent nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Lavishly illustrated with nearly 800 images, this book provides detailed information on who made these castles, palaces, and fortresses, when, where, and how, and with what materials. The author focuses especially on manufacturers in Germany and Great Britain, but covers Denmark, Belgium, and France as well-and describes the fascinating story of the industry's rise and demise. Company histories show how these manufacturers, often successive generations of families, dealt with the enormous economic and political obstacles of the times. Organized spreadsheets with serial numbers, dates, dimensions, and distinctive features of products will satisfy the curiosities of toy collectors, museum curators, archivists, antique dealers, architectural history buffs, and more.