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Danny Venlet - Interior Architect & Designer

Danny Venlet - Interior Architect & Designer

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Danny Venlet - Interior Architect & Designer
157 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
27 x 21 cm
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Despite his reputation of being one of the world's best and most promising designers, the work of Danny Venlet (°1958, Victoria, Australia) is one of the best kept secrets in the world of design. While this may partly have its reason in the fact that Venlet has been living and working in two opposed parts of the world, Australia and Belgium, it may also be explained by what largely defines the essence of his personality and work - modest, thriving on understatement, laidback and relaxed. Finally, there is the fact that Venlet - despite his being credited as the inventor of a curvy and more organic and humanising minimalism - does not cultivate one single style as designer and interior architect. People are his main material, and bring him each time to a different solution, teasing or pleasing, in order to make them change their attitudes or interact. This book gives a first and all-encompassing overview of two decades of a career that did not only revolutionize the world of office, outdoor and residential furniture, with award winning designs as the 'Easy Rider' and the 'Viteo Shower', but also introduced a total new concept of interior architecture, in which objects and users are no longer dominated by space, but the reverse.