Populair Art Deco Lighting

Over 590 color photos, boudoir lamps, table and desk lamps, wall lighting, floor lighting ......

Populair Art Deco Lighting
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Populair Art Deco Lighting
175 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm
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Think Art Deco and be transported to the Roaring '20s, a time of flappers, double-breasted, pin striped suits, speakeasies, decadence, and elegance. This era took place in the soft and romantic illumination of early electric lighting fixtures--which are showcased in this gorgeous new book. The beautiful and often fantastic Art Deco lighting in homes and public spaces alike are works of art. Over 590 luminous color photographs, show accent and figural radio lamps, boudoir lamps, table and desk lamps, overhead and wall lighting, and floor lighting produced by manufacturers such as Consolidated Glass, Lightolier, Lincoln, Moe Bridges, Williamson, Frankart, Nuart, and Chase. The book guides readers through various types of period lighting and provides a bibliography and value references in the captions for all the lighting displayed. It will be a valued addition to the libraries of interior decorators, restoration buffs, theater goers, and all who collect period lighting fixtures and enjoy beautiful works of art.