US Design 1975-2000

US Design 1975-2000
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US Design 1975-2000
255 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
30 x 25 cm

The texture and timbre of twentieth-century American life were created by a flood of mass-produced products that reached astonishing proportions with the advent of the digital revolution. Design historians are just beginning to get a hook on the hectic era that delivered the Post-it Note, Stealth bomber, personal computer, ergonomic design, and Rollerblades. USDesign, 1975-2000, the print facet of a traveling exhibition organized by the Denver Art Museum, covers the diverse and progressive work of late-century architectural, graphic, decorative, and industrial designers by presenting a wealth of intriguing illustrations and text that combines design theory with discussion of manufacturing and marketing techniques forged in the increasingly global marketplace. Fanciful concepts, sheer extravagance, and good old-fashioned problem solving are all evident in this instructive and enjoyable overview.