The World's Great Handguns

The World's Great Handguns
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The World's Great Handguns
176 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
25 x 19 cm
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The handgun has been in existence for hundreds of years. From medieval hand cannon, the flintlock models of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to the lightweight semi-automatics of the modern era, the handgun has been used for a wide variety of tasks. Though there have been many models produced over the centuries, only a few can be classed as truly outstanding. The World's Great Handguns is an examination of the most innovative and famous handguns that have been produced around the world. It is illustrated with full-colour artworks, many detailed cutaways, colour and black and white photographs. In addition, each full-colour artwork is accompanied by a full specifications table that lists range, feed, dimensions, and muzzle velocity.