AMG 45 - The Story - The Cars

AMG 45  - The Story - The Cars
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AMG 45 - The Story - The Cars
467 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
31 x 28 cm
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To want the impossible is typical for AMG. In this respect it comes as no surprise that they set the bar very high once again in Affalterbach when they resolved to create a print retrospective in which all AMG models ever made would find a place. The occasion for the mammoth endeavour is the 45th anniversary of the brand in June 2012.

AMG: The Story - The Cars chronicle comprises no fewer than 474 pages and provides all the essential information on exactly 117 AMG models: the technical specifications, the driving experience, the visuals. Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher have opened their private archives for this detailed and affectionate story of the company they co-founded and have helped to shape this work.

The AMG Media Archive conducted months of painstaking research, the team of authors subsequently arranged their results in an insightful way, and the photo editors selected the most outstanding images - some previously unpublished.