American Clocks - Field Guide

Bracket, Carriage, Cartel, Regulator, Cuckoo, Mantel Garniture .......

American Clocks - Field Guide
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American Clocks - Field Guide
512 pages
b&w photos
Soft cover
13 x 11 cm
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Avoid costly mistakes! Use that telephone book sized reference under the short leg of the kitchen table; use this new pocket-sized American clock guide to make critical, on-the-spot deals at shows, auctions, and estate sales. Numerous clocks have been replicated over the years, and enthusiasts need this handy reference to help them differentiate between the valuable originals and the cleverly crafted replicas.

From old schoolhouse clocks to stately grandfather clocks, this quick and easy-to-use portable reference is the perfect "take-anywhere" pocket guide for antiquers on the go. Offers detailed photographs and current pricing information for grandfather, wall, classic, shelf, and novelty clocks. This guide also features an overview of clock types and a brief history of clock making.