Fallschirmjäger in Action Figures

Fallschirmjäger in Action Figures
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Fallschirmjäger in Action Figures
82 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
24 x 20 cm
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GERMAN PARATROOPERS have always fascinated.WWII fans because the exploits of these soldiers "dropping Out of the sky" marked the birth of a new legend, that of the "paras", who were to become synonymous with elite troops in armies all over the world.

It is not surprising then that the makers of 12" articulated figurines (1/6 scale), i.e. Action Figures, have devoted a lot of space to the Fallschirmjager in their series of WWII soldiers and this has enabled the two authors of this book to teil this elite corps' story, using articulated models with their infinite variety of poses and cloth uniforms, their equipment often made of metal and real leather, and their easily interchangeable weapons.

Although each figurine has been considerably modified using tried and tested patinating techniques and the faces and hands often repainted, the authors were nonetheless anxious to maintain the "Action Figure" spirit. All throughout these pages, you will find that some "Green Devils" appear several times in different uniforms ands postures; this is evidence of the host of possibilities that the concept offers, a real revolution in the world of military figurine collecting.