Ekstrøm Extreme - Norwegian Furniture and Industrial Design

Ekstrøm Extreme - Norwegian Furniture and Industrial Design
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Ekstrøm Extreme - Norwegian Furniture and Industrial Design
128 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
28 x 21 cm
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English & Norwegian

The work of the pioneering designer Terje Ekstrøm (1944-2013) contributed a new vitality and independence to the Norwegian design scene of the 1970s and '80s, at a time of cultural and social change. Ekstrøm represented a new generation of designers who challenged the ideals of the golden age of Scandinavian design. As this richly illustrated book shows, Ekstrøm was both a product of his own time and far ahead of it. Seen as one of Norway's first postmodern designers, his internationally successful Ekstrem chair achieved iconic status due to its unique and visionary qualities, as did his audio equipment design for the renowned Tandberg Radiofabrikk. Including specially commissioned photographs of his workplace and home, this book for the first time tells the story of Ekstrøm's design practice, characterised by an eclectic search for originality.

A Tribute to Terje Ekstrøm (Widar Halén); Acknowledgements; In Search of Originality (Denise Hagströmer); The Art of Sitting Naturally (Espen Johnsen); The Reluctant Postmodernist - Terje Ekstrøm and His Ekstrem Seating Concept (Trygve Ask); High Fidelity: Visioning Sound at Tandbergs Radiofabrikk (Kjetil Fallan); Capturing the Momentum: The 1984 Interior Now: Norwegian experimental design exhibition (Denise Hagströmer); Terje Ekstrøm - Janne B. Reitan Relates (interview); Terje Ekstrøm - Biography, Selected Bibliography of Norwegian Design since the 1960s, Contributors.
Text in English and Norwegian.