Alessi - Objects and Projects/Objets et Projets

Alessi - Objects and Projects/Objets et Projets
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Alessi - Objects and Projects/Objets et Projets
171 pages
color and b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 25 cm
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English & French/Français

Alessi : Histoire et futur d'une fabrique du design Italien
Alessi: history and future of an Italian design factory

By detailing an in-depth critical survey, this book describes the most important moments of the story of this famous Italian household name, which, for many decades, through its industrial rise and family successes, has marked the whole history of Italian design. From the pre-war period to the famous Bombe tea and coffee service designed by Carlo Alessi Anghini, passing through the 'Bel Design', 'Counterdesign' and more recent eclectic periods, it examines what the book calls 'Nuove Istanze' (New Instances'). In the book, the curator concentrates his energies on this hypothesis about the future. Alessandro Mendini, along with Alberto Alessi, has chosen ten unpublished designs, due to be launched on the market next autumn. Ten 'instances', or 'theoretical hypotheses', invented for objects that are in keeping with the mirage of a positive human Utopia. The aim of design in the precisely this: to transform the destiny of gadget objects in our consumer society into a transitional opportunity, in other words, an opportunity for consumers to augment and improve their perception of the world.