The Ceramics of South-East Asia

Their Dating & Identification

The Ceramics of South-East Asia
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The Ceramics of South-East Asia - Their Dating & Identification
264 pages
color and B&W photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm

This is a reprint of the 1988 second edition of the standard work on Southeast Asian ceramics. Recent progress in original research and discovery can be summarized into four areas of major importance: first, the identification of Guangdong ceramics as the missing link between the wares of China and those of both Vietnam and Kampuchea; secondly, the unexpected discovery of burial sites in the hills of western Thailand, which contained examples of northern Thai wares rarely seen previously; thirdly the discovery of Burmese glazed ceramics; and finally, new findings from excavations at the Sawankalok kiln site.

In this second edition, the author takes into full account the developments in the last decade to bring her original study up to date, and also takes the opportunity to revise the text where necessary. In addition, a large number of new illustrations, both in color and black and white, have been included together with drawings and maps. The outcome is virtually a new book, completely reset and reillustrated.